Do you want to help enable more people in Kenya (and beyond) to access much needed, life changing services?

Do you want to help enable more people in Kenya (and beyond) to access much needed, life changing services?

There are plenty of ways that you can help support Yellow House and the work we do.

You can donate directly from our website, fundraise, campaign, or even volunteer your professional services to help build the capacity of our team.

Whatever you decide, no mater how big or small, every bit of support will help to make a huge difference to the lives of many, and we thank you!!

The provision of our core Speech and Language Therapy Service relies heavily on donations. Without these donations, we would not be able to support this much needed service. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will directly help our continued work on the ground.

Regular donations which can be set up through the donation page, are a great way to continue to support our on-going cause. You can set up regular, scheduled donations from our donation page by clicking on the button below.


From a cake sale, to a concert, to a local car wash, to a photo contest – any type of fundraising event can make a huge and invaluable difference to the work that we do. Contact Us to find out more information and receive our fundraiser pack of information and photos.

Corporate Partnerships

We can work together to develop a strategic charity partnership – businesses/companies can help transform the lives of people with communication disabilities in Kenya where services are not available.


We value volunteers in different capacities, from those who are interested in providing on ground support in Kenya to those who wish to help out from their own home country. As we are a growing organisation, we need all the support we can get to help our current team build their clinical capacity and enhance our services. If you are a qualified Speech and Langauge Therapist or have training and experience in Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Educational Needs Teacher and Social Work, we would love to hear from you .

We are also looking to build our Volunteer Advisory Committee, which is made up of dedicated volunteers from around the world who support the organisation with a variety of different things.

If you feel that you have valuable skills to offer please contact us via email at or fill out the Volunteer Form on the Contact Us page. Please note that volunteer positions are individually assessed through an application process to decide whether your skills goals and/or aspirations will be beneficial to the work we do.

You can read personal accounts of some of our past volunteers on our Volunteer Experiences page.