We are proud to employ enthusiastic and dedicated people. Each member of our team adds a unique quality which enriches the work we do.

We are proud to employ enthusiastic and dedicated people. Each member of our team adds a unique quality which enriches the work we do.

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Rachael Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael first joined Yellow House as a volunteer in June 2011. Since then she has worked to develop Yellow House into a consistent and reputable organization, becoming its CEO in December 2015. Rachael is a practicing Speech and Language Therapist and is passionate about creating a sustainable speech and language therapy service that fits within and enriches the current health and education infrastructures in Kenya and East Africa.


David Rochus

Programme Manager and Senior Speech & Language Therapist

David is one of the very first SLTs to qualify in East Africa and was employed by Yellow House in June 2011. He has been paramount to the success Yellow House has had over the years. David is a creative and innovative therapist who works hard to ensure a high quality of service is delivered by himself and the team he manages. David is currently finishing his Masters in Public Health and is applying a lot of what he has learnt into the context of developing a SLT service in East Africa.


Julyne Olero

Teacher Trainer

Julyne was employed by YH in February 2016 because of her enthusiasm for improving the quality of inclusive education in Kenya. Julyne manages the delivery of trainings for teachers and learning support assistants (LSAs) while providing follow-up and supervision to the LSAs. Julyne works well within the YH team and adds a new dynamic to the services we provide.


Jesse Mbote

Speech and Language Therapist

Jesse started working with YH in April 2016 and is a newly qualified SLT graduating from Makerere University, Kampala. Jesse is acting as YH’s ‘guinea pig’ as we build his clinical capacity as well as trialling our model of professional development. Jesse continues to grow as an SLT and enriches our services in many ways. We are happy that Jesse feels that YH is now his ‘family’ and our favourite quote from him about working with us is that YH is ‘perfectly perfect’!


Florence Olouch

Parent Liaison Officer | Administrative Assistant

Where would we be without our Flo?! Flo started working with YH in January 2014 as our PLO after we met her and her beautiful daughter Edna. Flo’s role is to support parents in their acceptance of their child with disabilities and ensure they understand the therapeutic process – there’s no better way to demonstrate acceptance than by modelling it with your own daughter. Flo’s confidence and abilities grow each day and she definitely keeps the rest of the team in check!!


Gregory Naynazi

Parent Liaison Officer

Gregory started working with YH in August 2016 after working alongside each other for years at the Mumias EARC. Gregory works on our LEAP project and is developing parent support groups with the aim to inform parents about the importance of education for their child(ren). Gregory has a wealth of experience in this role already, with the wonderful work he has been doing in Mumias with a parent support group there. Gregory is a great advocate for people with disabilities and will support the success of the LEAP project.


Aneliese Ambrose

Speech & Language Therapist

Aneliese joined YH as our third full time speech and language therapist in May 2017. Aneliese has always had a passion for improving opportunities for people with Communication Disabilities in low-middle income countries. Her background as a clinician working with adults with Learning Disabilities has provided her with many of the skills needed to be able to just ‘jump right in’ to working in Kenya and is a wonderful new member to our team.

Board of Trustees

Yellow House Health and Outreach Services is an independent Charitable Trust. The Trust’s governing document is our Constitution and the Board of Trustees work alongside the CEO, Rachael, to ensure the work Yellow House carries out is always in line with the Constitution and our mission and vision.

Our Trustees come from a background of health and education work in Kenya and have worked with Yellow House over the course of its operations. We recently welcomed Nick Kempson to the Board who is currently the Programme Director for an NGO called Vibrant Village.


Martin Nafukho


Silas Aguyo


Wilson Lugalia


Nick Kempson

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Our Volunteer Advisory Committee is made up of people from all over the world who are committed to supporting the work Yellow House does. Each member of the Committee donates their valuable time to work with us from afar in varying capacities, skills and endeavours. Without this dedicated team, Yellow House wouldn’t be the organisation that it is today.


Elizabeth Garcia


Katie Whitehouse


Jason Garcia


Joanne Fry


Michelle Brown


Ria Jones